Database on Interlinkages between Terrorism and Core International Crimes

The Rule of Law Responses to Terrorism Programme at International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT), has compiled a database of domestic cases in which terrorists have been tried for core international crimes. ICCT has collected domestic cases in which terrorists have been cumulatively tried for international crimes and terrorism. This means that the database does not include cases in which alleged terrorists were only prosecuted for core international crimes. Thus, this database presents a unique depository of knowledge concerning effective ways of bringing alleged terrorists to justice for the full range of crime they committed. Below is an interactive map and a radar timeline that you can use to explore cumulative prosecutions across Europe. You can learn more about the project as a whole here.

Mapping Cumulative Prosecutions in Europe

This interactive map displays the geographical distribution of cumulative prosecutions of alleged terrorists for terrorism and core international crimes across European countries. By browsing over the map, pop-up windows give an overview of gender aggregated data on defendants prosecuted in the individual countries. For more detailed information on cases in an individual country, choose ‘show cases’. Extensive filter options such as gender, affiliated designated terrorist organisations or types of crimes, allow users to focus on specific types of cases.

Timeline of Cumulative Prosecutions in Europe

The radar timeline below showcases a chronology of the length of prison sentences following cumulative prosecutions in Europe, based on the date of indictment of each case. 2015 marks the first year an individual was charged cumulatively with core international crimes and terrorism offences in the context of the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. By using the slider at the bottom you can explore how the length of sentences and the case load has developed in different countries over time. Selecting a specific country will focus the radar on cases from that jurisdiction only.


The Rule of Law programme at ICCT has used various sources of information in the collection of cases included this database. The dataset was compiled using open-source information, such as press releases and media reporting, full written judgements, either publicly accessible or received for research purposes upon request. The database focuses exclusively on criminal prosecutions of alleged terrorists charged with terrorism and core international crimes, it does not include cases in which alleged terrorists were prosecuted solely for core international crimes or cases of alleged affiliates of non-state armed groups that were not designated as terrorist organisations. For the purposes of this database ‘prosecution’ is thereby understood to include the entire proceeding from investigation to final verdict. Consequently, ICCT has included cases that are still under investigation, or pending trial, in addition to completed proceedings and ongoing trial procedures.